Elemental Nature™ Massage
A customized massage experience using your favorite
AVEDA aroma. Depending upon your needs, a variety
of massage techniques will be utilized including but
not limited to Swedish, Deep Tissue, Pregnancy
Massage, Acupressure and Reflexology.
30 minute $50
60 minute $70
90 minute $90
Chakra™ Balancing Massage
A focus on the chakra system utilizing deep tissue massage, foot reflexology, energy work, including a guided meditation on the chakras.
60 minute $110
90 minute $125
Stress-Fix™ Massage
Our stress-fix™ body massage—clinically proven to
reduce feelings of stress—combines the power of
Swedish and deep tissue massage, acupressure, foot
reflexology and our new stress-fix™ aroma, which
is infused with organic French lavender.
60 minute $110
90 minute $125